For more than 40 years, hermit crabs have been part of our lives. We are lucky enough to still have two of our hermit crabs for 25 years. Many crabs sadly do not make it that long, but with proper care they can live long happy lives. Things A Drift only carries Purple Pincers, a hardy species of hermit crab that originates from the Caribbean. They enjoy humid weather, but can comfortably live in your home once they get used to you. The crabs we had as our own pets grew to softball size and lived comfortably outside of a cage, walking around the house. Always keep in mind that we do not sell souvenirs, we make friends. These are not temporary pets, they are a responsibility like any other animal. If you ever have any hermit crab emergencies, please do not hesitate to call us at 609-361-1668 (please do not wait for an email as crab health is time sensitive). Below is a simple guide to help any crab owner, whether new or expert, better take care of their friend.