Shell of the Week: The Giant Clam Tridacna Gigas

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Native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific, the giant clam, Tridacna gigas, a member of the Cardiidae family, is the largest marine bivalve mollusk on the planet. Once believed to be man-eating-clams, these behemoth bivalves spend their adult life anchored to a coral reef — filter-feeding on plankton where they can live a hundred years or more. Exceptionally large specimens are rare.

Things A Drift is home to the largest Tridacna gigas shell in North America. Weighing in at over 575 lbs., this colossal clam from Australia is large enough for a man to sit in; making it easy to understand why even scientists thought Tridacna gigas were killer clams.

For thousands of years, people harvested Tridacna for food and for their uniquely beautiful shells. Today, wild giant clams are protected and sustainably farmed.

Ethically sourced Tridacna shells in a wide variety of sizes are available at Things A Drift. Their iconic shape, thickness, and beauty bring coastal elegance to any décor and make giant clam shells perfect to use in many ways. They are dishwasher safe, can be used in the oven or grill and are easy to maintain. Set a coastal table with giant clam shells as the centerpiece, ice bucket, and serve ware. Place larger specimens poolside filled with fresh towels, in the outdoor shower to hold toiletries and on the deck as planters. Tridacna shells can be made into custom wall sconces and garden water features, glass-topped tables and more.

Visit Things A Drift and have your photo taken seated in the largest Tridacna gigas in North America. Brave the jaws of a legendary giant killer clam and your photo may be featured in a future edition of Echoes of LBI Magazine.

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